I am swearing off Facebook!!!

Ever since Mr. Trump had gotten elected into the Oval Office, all social medial exploded with negativities. Facebook especially. There are people expressing their hate and then there are people who are afraid to voice their opinion. What’s going on America?! We can do better! I just had enough of all this and decided to create rather than consume. Shall enrich my soul the way I want it not from my family, not from my friends, and certainly not from society.

Hubby (Bun or Bunny as I refer him…hehe…don’t ask. It started as a chinese zodiac joke him a fire bunny me an earth tiger) took me to whale watch early this morning. It was wonderful in the most beautiful way. Normally when we go whale watch, the boat would head out to the open ocean. When time was up the boat would head back to port. Dolphins and sea lions were guaranteed. Whales on the other hand are elusive depending on their migratory season of course. So without further ado, let me explain why the trip was so beautiful.

As usual our first encounter were a large pod of common dolphins pictures here.


They were the clowns and the acrobats of the show and what a sight they displayed. Though they were not the star of the show. It was already 1 hour into the trip and we were getting worried that no whale will show again. What a dissapointment it would be. Suddenly our Captain announced that we could stay on the ocean for as long as we want until the elusive creatures were found! And we did!


Grey whales they were. Magnificent aren’t they? There were 4 of them swimming in pairs. All were a bit shy barely peaking out their tails as they prepare to dive. Bunny always wanted to be the first one to shout out “Thar she blows!!!” But his thunder got stolen by an eagle eyed photographer. Needless to say, I stalked that photographer for rest of the trip to get some of the best shots I am sharing with you. Yes I work to please.

Normally by now the boat will turn back to harbor and call it a day. Not today. Thanks to Super Bowl Sunday that there were no other trip scheduled for rest of the day. So Captain decided to show us something amazing…dolphins. Not the common dolphins I’ve just mentiond, thsee are the off-shore bottlenose dolphins. Twice as big as the commons, but forever curious. We wish led to them and here they are


Beautiful arn’t they? That smile…their trust…

A day without Facebook. A little adventure here, a bit of creativity here, and lots of work on photo-editing to result in this. So future friends, get off of face book and do something that pique your interest.



One thought on “I am swearing off Facebook!!!

  1. Beautiful collection of shots. Was a fun and fantastic adventure. Don’t forget the Little Kitchen lunch after! Great and tasty noodles and orange chicken. And the captain’s free brownies. Nom nom nom.


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