I woke up to the gentle lull of the rain out side. It’s been raining off and on in California and I love it. It reminds me of my childhood days, sitting on the floor of our living room and just stare out to our Forest of Zen. Drip…drip…drip…

I lived in Shanghai for the first 11 years of my life. Forest of Zen you ask. Where to find such thing in a metropolis of steel and concrete?! You see, my grandparents are very privileged people in China. My grandfather namely is a bookworm of a scientist to the extreme. He and his team at Caltech independently discovered Ornithine cycle (Urea cycle) from Krebs at el.

Urea cycle…that nightmareish diagram of arrows upon more arrows. Just so you are curious, It’s the last step of nitrogen metabolism in some organisms when protein are broken down. Biochemistry was never my cup of tea. So I will not bore you of details… If I ever told my grandfather that I hated biochem, in his younger days he’d probably frown at me and tell me off to get a PhD. Haha. He is turning 100 years old this year! Can you imagine?! A centenarian…the things he’s saw and experienced…there was a time when I talk to him I felt like peering through a time capsule. It’s a story of another kind I guess.

What I am trying to get at this morning is that never dismiss old people. They have their own story to share have some patience and listen to their stories. You may discover something amazing.

Have a great Monday everyone.

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