Written by Kitty (the Submissive) 

Sir and i have been working on a list of vows since summer of last year. i didn’t want to be collared at that time, because there was a lot of stress in my life that i wanted (or rather Kit wanted) to take care of by end of last year. Now that i have more bandwidth to think clearly, i sat down with sir and Hubby the other day and hashed out my vows for sir, Hubby and myself before the life long commitment. 

Our intentions behind my vows are simple and durable. All of which are aimed at personal growth, care, and acceptance. They are to be followed by me and enforced by sir and Hubby (and in a way, by enforcing, they are adhering to those vows as well) In any event that sir and/or Hubby are sick or are incapable, i will still, to the best of my ability, follow those rules. 

So without further ado and with permission from sir, my vows are as follows: 

1. I will not allow harm to myself via action or inaction.

2. I will always be honest with myself and those around me in my word and deed. 

3. I will always be grateful for where I am and what I have and the blessings in my life. 

4. I will try to focus on the positive in my world and see the beauty in every day. 

5. I will never fear my ignorance, but rather embrace the unknown with curiosity and respect. 

6. I will use my ever growing knowledge and footing to benefit myself and those around me.

7. I will not judge others based on my assumptions. I will try to give others a chance to fail. 

8. I will never forget that I am a falliable human surrounded by others like me and will always remember that grace for them (and myself) is both free and freeing. 

9. I will always strive to take care of myself and those around me, both physically and mentally. 

10. I will be loved for the me that I am in so long as I make a good faith effort to do and abide by these things. 

11. I will, to the best of my ability, attempt daily to carry myself in such a way that I can respect the only one I will always sleep with at day’s end. 

These are created and written as guidelines for my own personal growth. They will be enforced on days when I feel down, stressed, or whatever negative emotions I may have. hopefully they will come to me as second nature someday, but for now, we will enjoy the journey together.

8 thoughts on “Vows

    1. Met sir or Dad (they are the same person) through Word Press. We are in a LDR, but we have been visiting each other on some what of irregular intervals. Currently, Hubby and I are staying at Dad’s house.

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      1. That is great, kit! I have a hubby and a Sir too, and Sir and I are in a LDR. I can’t wait to meet him this year. That is wonderful that your Hubby and sir get along well enough for you to all stay together. Do you have a sexual relationship with both of them (if that is too personal, I totally understand)?


      2. There is no sexual relationship between me and Dad. It would undermine my relationship with my Hubby. Between Dad and I, we are just father-daughter relationship with D/s element.

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