Morning Thoughts

Written by Kitty (The submissive)

My grandpa was an extreme worry wart. Can’t really blame him as he went through Cultural Revolution when his career was at it’s prime. He told me stories of how strangers could just raid his house and rid of anything valuable. How the family slept on floors because there were no beds nor any other furniture for that matter. Strangers had tied him up and took him out for public shaming. Worst of all, he was sealed in a room of his own house for days for no apparent reason. Those were the darker days for my grandpa and i grew up listening to those stories.

I also grew up listening to nanny (our family help) recounting her childhood. One that stood out was her sister had drowned in a pond on side of an unnamed road. It mattered. Due to China’s One Child Policy back in the 80s. Sons were heavily favored over daughters. My biological parents had to give me up because i was the second born female of the family. Glad i did not end up dead. Figured that was my parents’ last loving act to give me up to a well off family. The fact that i am still alive and managed to be where i am is a miracle.

Don’t know why i am recounting these stories. Think i am just grateful for where i am and what i have. Finding out that i was adopted had given me many perspective i’ve never considered. With all those in mind, on back burner, i worry.

I worry about the most obscure things in my life. An example from D/s world that people here may understand. When sir spanks me, there is a lot of force behind each hit. Due to his previous injuries, i worry if that hurts him at all. I’ve asked multiple times and he’s assured me that he’s okay. Yet, i still worry.

Sir is helping me to reign in many of my worries. He often mentioned that if he is not worried then i shouldn’t be either. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. The latter requires a physical reminder from sir so that my mind could snap out of my negative spiral and focus on what mattered.

When sir is not around to help. I look to Hubby for support. He would tap into my little side and treat me like a princess. He’d take me on long drives and offer me a boba milk tea. He’d give me blankies for warmth and cuddles for just cuddles.

All these ramblings so i can kill some time before the house wake up for another day of adventure. Sounds like someone is stirring. Shall end the post here. But before I leave shall just add, always be grateful for what you have in life. It’s a good way to start the morning anyway.

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