Can’t stop smiling at the moment. I am now dual licensed in two states. This marks another milestone towards my goal.

Been feeling a lot of angst leading up to next year. Started as an idea last year. Did majority of my research this year. Now the gears are in motion, I should quickly find my self working on my own terms and schedule. What’s more exciting is that I’ll be having more free time doing things that I enjoy and spending more time with Dad in person in the coming years.

Even though I am going to be my own boss, Dad has teased that he is going to be my boss/coworker going forward given my business set up. Won’t be getting any write ups for disciplinary actions, but you get the jest on how things gets solved in a D/s relationship. Hehe. Another layer to our D/s dynamic I suppose.

Anywhoozly, have a whole week ahead to set up the backbone of my business. If I we were to tell myself 5 years ago that I’d quit my job and become an independent contractor, the past me would keel over at the idea of going solo.

Feeling a lot less stressed and tired today. Still not fully recovered from this year, but I am getting there.

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