Family Dynamic

The dynamic between Hubby, me and Dad is a seamless mixture of vanilla and D/s. Add my younger sister to the mix, the four of us, when out in public, can act like a bunch of buffoons and none of us would even care. Dad has always joked that if we were to be thrown under a bridge and live a homeless life, we’d still find joy in our days.

Hubby is fully aware of the D/s dynamic between Dad and I. The three of us had many conversations together to establish the relationships we have now. How does it work? Been thinking about this for a long time now because I could not find anything similar. I finally came up with the idea of three tier dynamic and here is how it work.

When we are together as family of four, Dad is head of the household period. He sees the needs for everyone in the family and plans out our day accordingly. When he sees a problem with either one of us, he’d find chance to speak with us in private. Hubby likes to hang out with my sister because them two can chat about games and anime all day long. Those are things I have some interest in, but not to the extent that they do. Dad and I like to chat just about anything. We get animated when we talk about life in general. Boring topics to many people, but to me I find that topic most interesting.

When it’s Dad, Hubby, and I, we change our topic to more adulting stuff. Dad and Hubby would often chat about business and marketing. They love history. So they get animated with esoteric historical facts. We chat about work a lot. Of how a company should run in ways that takes care of its employees and it’s products. We talk about finances so that we are on track with our financial goals.

We talk about me a lot. I get tired quiet often these days and my emotions can be all over the place. They have their own ways of managing my stress. I think it’s really cool that they work together to keep me calm. This is making me sound super high maintenance, but I am not really. I just worry a lot. I got that trait from my grandpa.

There are times when I get into a disagreement with Hubby while Dad would pick up on that and stop me in my track. I often get grumbly in heat of the moment but I know later when everyone is calm, we’d have a conversation together to see and understand each other’s view points. Dad’s dominant side would often come out in those moments. Depends on how escalated my emotions were, Dad would act accordingly from his change in tone to having to place me in any form of restraint. This is not by any means to shut me up and prove someone else is right. This is to put out the fire so everyone could talk rationally. Dad never liked arguments. He’s always reminded us that we can only live today once. Choose wisely.

When Dad and I are alone together. He’d let most of his Dominant side out. We have a platonic D/s relationship so anything sexual are hard limits for us both. But he find interesting ways of sending me to subspace when he needs to drive a point across or when I need to release my stress. From having me stand at attention in public or kneeling to restraint to spanking in private are all fair games. He’s often warned me that he’s not afraid to spank me in public. There were a couple incidences where I came close. Was not trying to be a brat, it’s just at times I can be extremely stubborn over what I want and don’t want. Dad mostly only cares for what I need. When there is a conflict between the two, needs come before want.

So that’s the jest of my current family dynamic. As weird as it may sound to others or even to me at times, it just works. There is room for our family to grow. But for now, I am enjoying every moment of every day.

Happy New Year everyone. Stay safe.

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