A quick scroll through my posts and learned that I’ve been blogging off and on since 2017. Saw many blogger came and go and it’s a bit sad that I’ve lost some connections. Mostly that’s my fault for not keeping up with people’s lives, but I am grateful that I met Dad through WP.

My life pre-2017 was a mess. Think part of the reason why I started blogging was to air many of my random thoughts out to people who’d relate. I wanted to learn more about D/s but unexpectedly I started using this blog space to learn more about myself. I am better at communicating because this space has allowed me to organize and express my thoughts.

I didn’t know that I could write so much. Hated writing essays back in school. I didn’t know I could make meaningful relationships with people online. I am always wary of online relationships. Didn’t expect to find someone who’d understand me inside out and accept me for who I am. Who’d think platonic soul mates are even possible? Didn’t expect to find a father. Yet there he is, welcoming me with open arms.

A Home is where love and laughter are. Sadly not that many people I know truly sees their home as Home. A safe space where we can calmly talk about our problems and solve problems together. A place where we can just be weird and not worry about being judged. A place that’s far away from hustle and bustle of life.

By happenstance, Hubby and I found that Home. Love will be shared. Laughters will be had. And hugs. Don’t forget about hugs!

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