Written by Kitty the submissive

I joked with sir last week that the order of our  D/s relationship is a bit out of wack. He asked me to explain. I mentioned that when people come to realize who they are as either dominants or submissives, they are in the market looking for an adult D/s relationship. When they find the right one, they will most likely get married and go through a collaring ceremony to solidify their D/s relationship. When I met sir, I was in need for a father. I didn’t know that at the time but sir already knew when I spoke about my childhood. How there was a lack of a good father in my life and how he could easily fill that role while caring for his own daughter.

Now he has two daughters and would often joke with others on how “awful” it is to have daughters. Yet, here I am still in awe at times on how naturally he integrated the two of us. I came from a complete different cultural and language background and there is a big age gap between me and my sister. But in an odd yet theraputic way, I can see myself growing up in a different environment through my sister’s eyes. A lot of the pain and suffering I had felt through my own parents are slowly mending because of  the love and care Dad has given to my sister and me. I am lucky to have a chance to choose my own father and if you were to ask Dad, he’d say the same thing to have adopted me.

One thing that complicates or rather enriches our father daughter relationship is the growth of our D/s relationship. I thrive from it and lucky for me, Dad is a natural dominant who does not really follow the books per se. Dad was very cautious of letting his dominant side out in the beginning. He didn’t want D/s to taint our father daughter relationship. At one point two years ago, I had even asked if it’s okay for Dad to be my dominant, but was turned down because I was in a sub frenzy mode. It had hurt. A lot…

Thought I’ll never be able to explore that option with him, I was dejected and kind of gave up on that idea. When there was an urge to kneel or to ask for a spanking, I kept quiet. I’d go through cycles of negative spiral because of my inability to communicate. Sir was keeping an eye on me the whole time. Managing and guiding me through his daddy side. Eventually I opened up again. Not wanting to try everything I’ve read about D/s, but rather letting him know that I wanted a spanking or to be tied up or to kneel because those actions would quiet my mind and allow me to focus on him…

One small action of submission lead to another has gained sir’s trust that I will follow his lead for the betterment of myself and everyone around me. Sir has slowly integrated D/s to our relationship. Because I’ve completed all the tasks that were asked of me last week. I was rewarded. A few notable but pretty bruises later, I feel comforted standing in front of my mirror each day while running my hands over most of the tender spots. I am glad that sir has decided to show part of himself to me. I understand that he could never fully be my dominant in a spousal way, but I am glad I am now able to kneel by his feet. There is this odd sense of comfort and calm when I am seen that way. It’s easy to desire for more and forget what I have now. Time to review all the lessons I’ve learned last week from sir…

4 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. Daughters ARE awful. They are stinky little buggers always wanting to hug, snuggle or share the most inane bit of special pretty that they just found. If managed wisely and well, these irksome traits carry well into adulthood and you are left with wonderful, confident young ladies who still see and hold close the little girl within. That girl helps them balance in a big girl world, it ensures the beauty in their day. That grown, competent, accomplished little girl is who runs up to Daddy still with a giggly grin to share the latest pretty and a hug. I’m a lucky Dad indeed aren’t I?

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