See the Beauty in Today

Written by Kit

One of the first things that Dad taught me was to see the beauty in Today. Tomorrow can be as crabby as I imagined it to be, but there is always beauty I can find in Today.

I’ve been dreading tomorrow for a few days now. Going to be short handed with multiple procedures scheduled. That means skipped lunch and short calls with Dad. To make matters worse, our company mascot is not doing so well. My collegue had found masses in it’s abdomen today and frankly we don’t know how long he will be with us. Sucks, because I still remember it begging for a peice of sandwich when I went for my interview 7 years ago. He managed to calm my nerves and had helped me land my current job. Now that I am leaving…he is going down hill has well. Not looking forward to go into work tomorrow and have to tell his mom that he is going to be okay. Because both her and I know that time is ticking.

Today, what had happend today? None of the patients came in today had tried to kill us. That’s a plus. Get to share a funny story and made everyone laugh. Cute Frenchy pup came in for it’s last set of vaccines. Oh, saw a pretty cool ancient Shepherd-akita mix today. Work was overall chill. No crazy clients, no crazy patients. Talked to Dad and explored more of my submissive side. That was interesting and somewhat insightful. Came home to a happy husband and a pack of happy doggos. Get to come here to share my thoughts and make new friends. That’s always cool.

So yeah. Today is not bad. Tomorrow…well I am going to sleep on it for now. Oh it’s Friday. Ha! Forgot tomorrow is Friday already.

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