Different Girl, Different Speach

As I alluded from my earlier post, different part of me has different personalities and is driven by different emotions and interests. There are enough differences amongst them that they even have different speech patterns. Dad pointed that out the other day, which enlightend me somewhat. Now that I’ve paid enough attention, I too have to agree.

Was thinking about how to push through my writer’s block, and the little one came up with the idea of naming each one of us. She gets to be Kitten. I an still Kit, and the deranged strange creature whom we came to discover as the submissive gets to be Kitty. (See that just now? The little one just came out to play) Dad suggested that each of us can have our space to write. Once written, we’ll sign off as either Kit, Kitten, or Kitty. By doing so, I will get to know each of myself better.

Feeling like a crazy person to talk and write amongst myself. Perhaps the crazies have figured this out and us normal folks are the crazy ignorant ones.


5 thoughts on “Different Girl, Different Speach

  1. This is intriguing, Kit! As a long time reader, I will do my best to keep straight which name represents which part of yourself. I am really glad to hear that Dad is still in your life, offering you guidance.

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  2. Hmmm, appears WP does not approve of my writing and so the complimentary post alluded to in prior post may await a scribe with better head and better ‘net. Oh well, regardless, well done both there and here. The honesty with which you have viewed yourself is what has brought you this far and allowed for these gains in footing that you have had. Well done!

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