A New Beginning

Today I sat down with my boss and gave my notice. I too had joined 40% of my fellow millennials on our crusade to build a better future for ourselves. I did it. I made the decision and stuck to it. As nerve wracking as it was in the weeks leading up to today, it’s a relief that I finally did it. Have to be honest though, my first reaction after the meeting was “What the bleep have I done?!” I had a bit of a free fall moment and then I realized that I am not alone and both Dad and Hubby have been helping me building my parachute.

I am still going to be a veterinarian. I am just going to work on my own terms with two new team members: Dad and Hubby. We are going to start a new venture together and our collective goal is financial freedom. It has always been our goal. Think the pandemic has become the catalyst to our plan. With all the homework and research we’ve done this year, I realized that we are much closer to our goal than what I had previously though we were. Barring from any, major, major catastrophic events, we are well on our way to retire early. If you heard about the FIRE movement, we are pretty much doing something similar to that.

To say this year has been challenging and stressful is an complete understatement. Standing up to my previous father for his wrong doings, losing my grandfather in china, and going through extreme stress at work were just some the highlights for this year. At times I wish I could just shrivel up and disappear. Not this time, not this year. With the right attitude and support, I am growing rapidly through my struggles. Which leads me to a topic I will touch upon briefly today. Will expand later. I promise.

This year through Dad’s help, I came to understand myself a lot better. There are indeed three parts of me. The little girl (Kitten), the submissive (Kitty), and the big girl (Kit). While there are many overlaps between them, each of them leads certain train of thoughts and emotions. Being able to recognize who’s in charge in any given time has helped me tremendously in communicating my needs and wants. Out of all three girls, Kitty has been the one who’s improved the most. Because of her willingness to open up to Dad, the other two has been able to remain calm and focused. So much so, we are talking about getting collared again. The meaning behind this Collar will deviate somewhat from the mainstream D/s community (Will expand on that later as well). Besides it’s still a work in progress. Once finalized, we will share.

So hopefully, I’ll be able to write more again. May come here more often to reflect what had happened in past 7 months. It certainly feels like a decade in my mind. Cross my fingers that things will look up soon.


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