Personal Mission Statement

Since around Christmas time, Hubby has asked me to write a personal mission statement. I’ve been pondering on that for a while now. It’s pretty much a personal road map for me to abide by, but to draft it has been a bit of a daunting task. Then, an image I came across this morning kind of summarized my thoughts in a neat little package.

Yup that’s what I have been thinking for my personal statement. Of course not in the exact wording, but general thought process. I can extrapolate that and apply to my relationship with Hubby, Dad, sister, coworkers, friends, and everyone else. However, I shall be most strict about it with myself. Shall change my phone’s lock screen to my mission statement, so when I wake up each morning, I’ll be reminded of my actions for the day.

Work tomorrow will be a bit challenging. Another fourth year vet student is scheduled to follow me around. Not that I mind teaching others, it’s just the scrutiny from those students usually makes me keenly aware of my shortcomings. I always see that as a learning opportunity, but still…shall open up my phone, read my mission statement, breathe, and move on.

Don’t think this is the final version yet. It’s a start. A very good start. Life tends to change as we age. Therefore, my road map will also change with whatever life shall offer.

4 thoughts on “Personal Mission Statement

  1. If you’ve never read “The Four Agreements” kit, you might consider getting yourself a copy. I used to run a self-healing support group and I would use this book as the basis. As you can see from the picture you posted, the ideas are incredibly relevant and useful. Great post as always!

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    1. I vaguely remember reading that book a long time ago. But so many things had happend between then and now I kinda forgot about it already. Thinknmy sub conscious had retained some. Won’t hurt for me to revisit that book again. =D.

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