An Elementary Writing Prompt

Remember those elementary writing assignments that had asked you to write about your dad or mom? I used to draw a blank on those essays because my knowledge of my Dad 2.0 or Mom 2.0 was next to zero. Made up a lot of generic traits that a dad or mom should have. Barely squeezed by with passing grade and life went on. Never gave it much thought until now. I want to attempt this assignment again with a twist. I will write about Dad 3.0, my Daddy Dom.

Life tend to be one dimensional when we were kids. Personalities and emotions then were not as complex. I was an obedient kid. Parents were parents. Nothing more and nothing less. That obedience has now blossomed to full submission. My interaction with Dad 3.0 is a mixture of father-daughter and dominant-submissive. D/s has been an added dimension that enriches our fundamental father-daughter relationship. Because I am married to Hubby, Dad and I are very careful at safe guarding my marriage while maintaining a unique D/s dynamic thats seldomly mentioned in blogs I’ve read.

I do not identify with Littles. There is a little girl inside of me thats true, but I do not like age play. None of the glitters, coloring books, nor stuffed animals. I am an adult but still kid at heart. Adult responsibilities will always come first. When there is room to play, I will play. Dad treats me in such way.

Dad 3.0 is wise and patient. I’ve never seen him lose his temper. He is a very giving person. He’d give and give until there is nothing to give. He is not perfect and has his vices. He’d always place others before him to a point he neglects himself. Sometimes it agitates me to hear his tired voice over the phone. He’s out helping his neighbors again. Has he had enough to eat or has he had enough sleep?

He is the leader of our family of four: my sister, Hubby, and I. He’s made and learned from a lot of his mistakes in life, thus his wisdom I come to respect. He don’t like to force any of us to do things he wanted. He’d see things that would benefit us and would persistently (sometimes annoyingly) point us toward the direction he wants us to go. He is willing to see us make our own mistakes. As long as there’s no major harm, he is willing to let us struggle and learn from our failures.

I don’t like to be a brat. In fact I hate to be a brat just to get his attention. I always want to strive for my best. When I come up short, I have a bad habit of being overly critical with myself. I had asked Dad to spank me once. Dad simply said no and walked me through my problems without me feeling less of myself. Him and I both know that spanking is not an effective punishment for me. He’d rather not use it unless he feel the absolute need to. Many times a slight change in his tone of voice is enough for me. I know I’ve disappointed him and I feel awful when that happens. When he sees that, he will use that opportunity to build me up rather than to tear me down. What once was a problem would soon dissolve into tears followed by laughter.

I am his daughter first and foremost. Our D/s relationship just formed naturally from there. We have our set routines of checking into eachother. Those routines are not preset rules, those formed because we deeply cares about eachother. Submission, in my mind, is about seeing the wisdom in Dad and follow with an inquisitive mind. It’s being my Dad’s safety net, because we are all humans. When he fails, I can step up and help. Submission is active not passive. It’s about seeing the need in him and fulfilling that need. I suppose Dad will say the same thing but bit different from a Dominant’s perspective. Principle is the same, fufilling eachother’s needs.. Ying and yang. What a beautiful simple concept and image in my mind…

There, finally a peice I am satisfied with to fulfill that decade old writing prompt. In this day and age, my elementary school teacher will probably have a coronary reading about D/s relationship. That somehow tickles me to no end. Some people will never get It. Oh well…

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