Woke up with a bloody nose. Haven’t had those in a while. Well I lied. I did had another one at work the other day. Was complete ninja about it that my client didn’t even notice! Think it’s the California climate that’s making my nose bleed. Booo! Another reason to move…

Watched a documentary on Memory last night. Gave me the inspiration to write some more today. Afterall, I have selective memories. At times I really worry that I’ll end up with a Dory brain (Finding Nemo reference)

Now a day, when you hear people go on a vacation, you often hear them say that they need a vacation from their vacation. Not me! Came home depressed that my vacation ended too early. Two weeks after this Californian dry air, my nose seems to agree as well.

Trying to recall the most memorable moments of my vacation with Dad, sis, and Hubby. Think the one that stood out the most was when we were out cutting wood and Dad’s saw won’t start. The little girl in me watched anxiously as Dad tried and tried again with his saw. She was worried about the impact it would have on his elbow and watched helplessly as the rain clouds came ever closer. As if he knew what was on her mind, Dad stopped his attempts. Sat her down next to him on the log he was going to cut and they talked. It had a calming effect on her. Listening to the frogs in the distance and occasional laughter from the truck, they revealed in the music that nature had to offer. How perfect that moment was for the four of us. Would love to go back there and listen to the Kit music again.

The saw eventually cave under Dad’s will. We cut, split, and loaded a second trailer full of wood just before the rain came down. Ha! Another one of Kit’s favorite tunes…

Bah! The sirens that’s waking up the dogs. Time to sleep now that the bleeding had stopped. Memory safely stored in the memory bank. She can rest easy for remainder of the night.

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