A Year in Review

Having a really slow day today. Decided to come here to write a little. As 2019 is coming to an end, I’d like to spend sometime to look back and see what we’ve accomplished this year.

Hubby had finally obtained his Master’s degree and is working at a job that demands a lot of his time and effort. He is having a rough time with his new job, but through it all, I feel we are still doing okay as a couple. Times like this, it’s easy for couples to grow apart. Especially if one party is having a tough time while the other is less supportive. While I finally am able to get one extra day off each week this year, I still find it hard at times to support him the way he needed. There are days when I feel down or tired and just want to lean on him for support, but his need for my support currently is greater than mine. So for now I am willing to set aside my needs to support him. That way he can get through it all safely and we can resume the fun we used to enjoy.

On the financial side of things and with months of practice at budgeting, I am finally able to keep a budget accurately and consistently. The need to keep a budget for us is simple. We are working super hard now so we can one day be debt free. The amount of stress and burden that we feel now will virtually disappear when that day come. With that said, in mere two weeks, we’ll be paying off my student loan finally. All 103k of it! It’s a good feeling that it will be finally paid off. Hubby, of course, helped tremendously in these past 6 months. It’s certainly a team effort to be disciplined with our money, but we are steadily getting rid of our debt load month by month. Next year we will be working on his student loan. If everything work in our favor, it will be gone within a year!

Speaking of saving money, that effort has lead me to cook a lot more at home during the latter half of this year. I’ve tried a lot of new recipes and am genuinely excited to try more. Christmas is coming up and we kind of have this no gift policy with all party involved. (We’ll see how that goes, because so far we’ve broken the rule already…) anyway!!! Hubby’s step dad is Hispanic. So I am thinking it will be neat for me to try to make a batch of tamales this weekend. What I’ve learned so far is that good tamales require lots of work. Mixing the masa to the right consistency and wrapping them all require time. It kind of reminds me of making chinese dumplings at home. The time and love that’s needed to make a dish enjoyed by all and the memories that followed are priceless compaired to latest trendy model of whatever. Shall get hubby involved in wrapping those tamales…that will be fun.

Now that I’ve mentioned Christmas…amongst all those stress of shopping and traveling, never forget to just simply enjoy the company of our loved ones. Think about it, many of those nicely wrapped gifts underneath our Christmas trees will eventually end up forgotten. It’s our time spent together with our loved ones that are most valuable and memorable. So take a moment to relax and appreciate the fact that we are safe and sound. That Christmas offers us a time of respite from the hardships that our life has to offer.

So to end this post. I shall send my love to my wonderful husband. Although times are tough right now, we will fight through it together. Cheer up! It’s almost vacation time! To my Father 3.0…hehe…thank you for all of your love and support. Not to embarrass you further, we shall return to our regularly scheduled poke, poke, poke. You may wipe off all the girl stink from your screen now. =D!

And to my readers, happy Holidays!

One thought on “A Year in Review

  1. Good to see you here ma’am and to know life is well in your realm. I like that your relationship is filled with love and you managed to sneak in a proper harangue on a gentleman. Hopefully Christmas will see you all with joy that comes in neither “boxes or bags” and it will continue into the New Year.


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