A Day of Peace

Today was a day I very much needed in my life, a day I used to have often and knew upon starting up work again that I would dearly miss. It was a mostly self-absorbed day, though I seem to be incapable of 100% indulging these days.

A morning of leg exercises and vacuuming while waiting on laundry. Then a long hot shower while I caught up on news that I’ve been bubbled from reading due to my hectic work schedule. Had planned to get out early and capture the day but tweaked my ankle while working out so took the hint and threw a load of kitchen towels in and gave my dogs some much needed attention and pets. Mop heads were dry and finally got to that chore just as kit was coming home for lunch.

Kit came home for lunch… had leftover Thanksgiving feast waiting for her so we could maximize our time together before she had to go back. Such a restful sleep, I almost stayed in bed even as kit went off to work again. It’s cold and rainy here for the last few days and staying in bed with three dogs was mighty tempting.

Alas the boys had been promised an epic dungeons and dragons adventure and, after such a relaxing day off, I was brimming with creativity and motivation. So off I went to sit in the busy local bakery and people watch all the family reunions going on around me as I typed away, cropping photos kit had shared to build out an epic story that seems to entertain everyone I tell about it.

Got back after kit and fed the starving doggos. Then off to sit in a restaurant for far too long before we got some delicious food. Hangry kit went from grumpy to philosophical after she got her food and now seems quite pacified.

The rest of my weekend is going to be rather busy with visiting family and ignored chores. But it’s nice to reminisce on good times while they last. I put thought into all the loved ones I’ve lost over the years this week and how they have impacted my life and changed who I am. I just wanted to take a moment and write this day down to remember why days off are so valuable.

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