The Terror of Kit and ASMR

Kit is new to the concept of ASMR. I’m no expert in it either, but I seem to have randomly stumbled on the concept long before it became a regular event in Kit’s life. In short, it isn’t for me.

Quick summary for those not in the know: ASMR stands for Autonomus Sensory Meridian Response. It usually includes soft sounds that you don’t hear from day to day life. Those sounds then get amplified for odd people like the Kit to enjoy. For some people, it is relaxing. Some find it erotic. Many listen to those while meditating or sleeping. But in the case of Kit… she is using it for food porn. Satisfying her food cravings in the most unconventional way.

On her days off, Kit likes to cook. She goes through regular cycles of YouTubing recipes until she’s inspired to cook said recipes. One video led to another, she went down the YouTube algorithm rabbithole and discovered Mukbang few months ago… and my life has changed somewhat since that discovery of hers. It’s a korean food show where people cook and eat massive amounts of food on camera in the most barbaric ways imaginable. There are audiences… people like the Kit… who enjoy living vicariously through these food monsters as they devour massive plates of sea food, steaks, spicy noodles, and you name it!

But this… this is fine by me. I was never bothered by Kit watching cooking videos. Heck it sometimes even inspired the Kit to cook epic dishes, and boy is she a great cook. 99% of the time her dishes are magical. Every once in a great while she goes crazy with peppers or uses too much numbing peppercorns and it makes my stomach hurt. But other than those rare times, Kit usually is on par or slightly better than the best quality asian restaurants in our area.

But then… then ASMR and Mukbang videos entered her world. Of course they would. Put that specialized muffled microphone up close to the face of someone noisily slurping noodles or cracking the shell of an alaskan king crab and you get to watch the Mukbang fans swoon! Then there is the Kit, half naked, waching those videos every night, secretly wishing it was her who’s eating that scrumptious crab leg or tiger prawn…

I wish I can share her new found obsession, but for some reason this triggers borderline panic attacks for me. ASMR in general rubs me slightly the wrong way. Like nail on chalk board, those eating videos trigger a childhood repulsion to the sound my grandpa would make when he would eat donuts with his dentures and mouth open. If I’m in the room with Kit while she is listening to one on her phone, my skin immediately begins to crawl and I have to walk away as my entire focus is sucked into brooding over that slurping, chewing, crunching cacophony. Gah!!!

It is quite funny though. Kit too has a simliar distaste to people eatting loudly in public. Smacking their lips or talking with their mouth full. Just last week this happened and, while I sat brain dead from a long day of work and oblivious to the sound, Kit quietly brooded and went chiiii at the offending person. I am just at a loss to why she is totally okay with that on YouTube. Maybe she thinks of mukbangs as the ultimate window shopping version of eatting something without the expenses, long prep time, or calories. Who knows. The world of understanding Kit’s brain is a long road that I imagine will take my whole life to perfect, but it’s a road I look forward to travel. One that offers small victories in the form of insights into how her mind ticks and how I can control those cogs to lead her in a way that makes her feel warm and fuzzy. And perhaps in finding services she’s willing to offer that makes my day a little brighter. I especially enjoy the simple things like the foot and ankle rub she is giving as I type up this blog…

Life has its ups and downs and sometimes Kit do little things to drive me crazy, even when she mean well. But there are moments like this… covered in fur baby doggos with a nudist Kit rubbing out the soreness in my ankles and relaxing the fatigue in my mind, that makes life worth living…so long as she don’t play any of her mukbang videos…either way, thank you Kit for always being there for me in your own unique ways. Just, please, enjoy those videos with your head phones. Spare my poor ears and sanity!

3 thoughts on “The Terror of Kit and ASMR

  1. Hehehe…reason is simple. I get to watch people eat good food and thoroughly enjoy themselves while appreciating the food in front of them. I get to live vicariously through them and save money by doing so. It’s very different from hearing people eating with their mouth open while talking and spitting food particles in public…hard to explain the difference…but I’ll keep the sound to minimum going forward. Love you =D!


  2. As a cook myself I get it. A great joy of cooking is seeing someone really enjoying your food. And I get creative.. like… really creative when putting together a dish. If I make baked potato waffles with pickled green onion and queso fresco with chili sauce and see some skinny yoga girl pound down 4 of them that shit just makes my day.


  3. interesting.. I had to research…Those experiencing ASMR have higher Big Five personality trait scores in openness-to-experience and neuroticism, but lower conscientiousness, extraversion, and agreeableness.


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