Million Reasons

Ever since I watched Lady Gaga’s half time show over the weekend, her new song “Million Reasons”  has been stuck in my head on replay. Here I have to emphasize that it was the tune not the lyrics that has caught my attention. I’ll explain this emphasis later. If you haven’t heard of the song yet, here it is.

I seldom listen to lyrics when it comes to music. I just like the tune. If the tune is catchy or it tugs at my emotions then I’ll look into its lyrics. This only happens to songs that are not Chinese. When it comes to Chinese songs I could not even ignore the lyrics if I wanted to…Weird, I know. Along the same line though I can only calculate numbers in Chinese or remember phone numbers in Chinese and then translate the numbers one by one. Its not that its impossible for me to calculate in English, I just become much slower at it and I’d make more mistakes.

So how do I comprehend and communicate in English you ask. Well like normal. I don’t think my thoughts in mandarin since I don’t expose myself to other mandarin speaking people. It’s just way too many steps for my brain to go through to translate everything. If I want to converse in Mandarin, then my mind simply makes the switch so that I can think and speak in Chinese. Strange how the mind works. It’s not a perfect system, however. There are flaws. I can speak both languages fluently, but there are things like songs, numbers, idioms and proverbs that I struggle to comprehend. So yeah that’s how part of my brain works and I went off of the tangent again from Million Reasons…

This morning I woke up with Million Reasons stuck in my head, so I decided to look into the lyrics. And it hit me, the song described my feelings toward my father to the tee. Million reasons to leave, yet I hope to hold to one reason to stay…shitty. This is how women get stuck in an abusive relationship and, what’s more, the song is promoting it…so back to the tune I go. Shall scrap the lyrics and wait for another catchy song to replace this one. Mean while if you are searching an uplifting song, here is my go to song. Fragrance Rice by Jay Chou (my childhood hero).

So that’s it for today ladies and gents. Enjoy the last song =)


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