Yesterday was really a turning point of my life. As crappy as I felt physically, my troubled soul was released of its suffering. I finally met with my estranged father… not all amends were made, but it was a start; a new connection.

A tigress chained down by its own guilt and hatred was finally set free. However, like any captive animal, the tigress lacks the skills to survive in this new found freedom. It needs to find sustenance called joy to fuel its soul, it needs to find shelter called love so it belongs…

I took a day off for myself to reflect on what had transpired yesterday. It was a demon that I was afraid to face. Yesterday, I closed my eyes and faced it head on with faith in knowing everything is inherently good…

What does courage mean to you? As I stood in the shower today, I contemplated… Courage to me is the following:

To stand infront of my inner demons face to face. I may not be able to defeat them, but I acknowledged them without fear.

To be able to let go of the past and forgive myself… it’s the greatest gesture of love to my soul.

To set aside my pride and embrace this little creature known as sorrow…

Yesterday the scar was not only ripped opened, it was stitched together with love and forgiveness. This scar, with time, will heal. Life can finally go on without regrets.

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