A New Adventure


This morning was a whirlwind of activities. Clothing articles strewn around, papers every where, dogs were at which ever mud holes they chose to dig. Used to like rain until the dogs came along…

Anyway! Today is the big day for the Bun. An interview at UCLA Anderson School of Management. Ever since we set foot at their information session, we knew it would be the perfect school for his MBA. Can’t get our hopes up too high either, afterall the school is one of the best. One can dream and try his best so there would be no regrets right? Whatever happens I’ll be there to support him…

BUT, he is the one getting an interview, why am I so nervous and excited?! I don’t know, maybe seeing him in his suit and tie, or helping him tidying up his shirt and pants. There is something incredibly sexy about cufflinks…I don’t know why…I am just drawn to the little trinkets here and there.

Watching him leave the front door reminded me of Bilbo Baggins… a whole new adventure filled with new friends, and opportunities…I am truly happy and proud for him. Whatever happens happens as along as he tried.


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